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Wow! First of all we’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to jump on board this fast moving train. The response was great. With very little time to organize, we put together everything we needed for this house shell, and we signed up an impressive list of site help.

Monday, July 27
The whole process started with an email from SIPA to its SIP manufacturing members asking if anyone would be interested in working with ABC-Television’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition to supply a house to a family in the Washington, D.C. area. Winter Panel jumped on it! There was no doubt that it would mean a lot of time, effort, and expense to come through with this, but we knew it would be a great way to showcase SIPs to the world. We said we would commit as long as there was a signed off set of drawings in hand by the 31st.

Friday, July 31
This week there was a lot of back and forth, but the architect (Scott Sterl) and the Extreme Makeover folks were great. We had a signed off set of drawings ready to work from.

Monday, August 3
We manufactured the panels in the morning. Production time was 30 minutes for the walls and 30 minutes for the roof.

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Signs from some of the participants at the site:
(Winter Panel banner at the end)

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Project Elevations
Architect: Scott Sterl.
(Click on image to see our panel plans.)


Wednesday, August 5
By Wednesday we are cutting (we had to wait an extra day for a couple of design changes).


Monday, August 10
All the panels are ready to be pre-assembled. Something we do not normally do is pre-assemble the panels but in this case with such a short time slot for the show we wanted to minimize the site work. Throughout the week we nailed together as much as we could while still being able to ship easily to the job site (wherever that is).

Monday, August 17
As of this week we are good to go with time to spare. Our plan is to load our truck and trailer Friday and ship the panels on Monday.


Monday, August 24
Ship the panels for an on site afternoon delivery. Unfortunately, the build schedule was delayed due to soil conditions.




Standing in Front of Truck




Tuesday, August 25
After nearly 24 hours of delays we begin setting panels. In four hours the walls are set. Roof beams go in and we begin on the roof.

Photo of House Construction

Wednesday, August 26
Following a self imposed rest for the crew, many had been up for 24 hours or more, the roof is finished in the morning. Panels complete!

Saturday, August 29
The entire house is complete and ready for the Tripp family to move in. Great job everyone!

To read more about this project, visit our blog:

Tripp Family
The Tripp Family is ready to move into their new home!
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