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Fast Installation

Winter panels go up quickly. Whether you choose to cut your own panels in the field, or you select Winter's precut service, you'll be closed in quickly. You schedule the delivery, and we'll be there when you want us. Then, an experienced three-man crew can complete the structure of a typical 2,000 square foot house in as little as three days.

Fast Installation Yields Higher Profits
Less time on the structure means less materials damage and pilferage, less site overhead, and fewer weather delays, all of which equal profit. Plus, since the first draw on a job usually requires the shell to be completed, you get paid sooner.

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American Spirit Home goes up

American Spirit Home goes up

Above, workers assemble the structure of the 3,200 square foot "American Spirit Home" at the Expo '92 World's Fair in four days. Fast erection equals fewer weather delays, less site overhead and higher profits.
Fast Installation photo

American Spirit Home is completed


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