Panel Types Panel Types
Superior Strength and Insulation Value
  In addition to their superior strength, all Winter panels offer R-values ranging from R-15 to R-50, depending on thickness and core type. For specific construction details, please refer to Winter Panel’s installation manuals, available in this site at our Technical Data page.  
Structurewall Panels Structurewall panels
Structurewall™ panels are a direct substitute for conventional 2x4 or 2x6 framing. Twice as strong as a 2x4 wall, these panels also offer R-values up to 25 in a standard 4½" wall thickness, or 38 in a 6½" wall, with a urethane foam core. Because of their rigidity, Structurewall panels can readily span up to 8' in roof applications, saving the cost of additional support members, and allowing for more open, aesthetically pleasing spaces.

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Structurewall panels
Our versatile Structurewall™ panel just got thicker! The same features as our other durable Structurewall panels but with an even higher R-value.  
Curtainwall Panels photo Curtainwall panels
Curtainwall panels offer the advantage of a finishable interior surface of gypsum wallboard for non-structural applications. They are used primarily to enclose timber or metal frame buildings, where the interior skin of the panel will be left exposed and finished. Optionally, the interior skin can be fireshield or moisture-resistant wallboard. As with all Winter panels, exterior siding may be attached directly to the exterior skin of the panel without the added expense of housewrap. Curtainwall panels have a high R-value urethane foam core.

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Woodclad Panels photo Woodclad panels
Woodclad panels combine the strength and efficiency of Structurewall panels with the benefits of an interior finish with 1x8 V-groove pine. Ideal for log cabin or timber frame roof applications, Woodclad panels are also very popular in structural panel packages, adding a touch of warmth and country style to the interior finish, as well as avoiding the extra expense of finishing wallboard on a high ceiling. Like all Winter panels, Woodclad panels come with a limited ten-year warranty, backed by the strongest company in the business, and a reputation for service excellence more than fifteen years old.  

Panels with EPS Cores

We offer Structurewall, Curtainwall, and Woodclad panels with cores made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is less expensive per inch of foam than cores made of polyisocyanurate. EPS is environmentally friendly, durable, and backed by our ten-year limited warranty.

Custom Panels

With our extensive online and offline process capabilities, we can accept orders for panels of unusual thicknesses, cores and skin materials.

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